Residence Apartments For Rent And For Rent Residence Rooms Each room is organized to accommodate 4 people, Residence Apartments For Rent Every Service Is Taken Care Of The Finest Detail For A Comfortable Life.

Academia Residence

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Residence Apartments For Rent In Kağıthane Center No Transportation Problems.

Residence Apartments For Rent In Istanbul

Residence Rooms For Rent Comfortable And Unique City View.

Residence Rooms For Rent In Kağıthane

"Academia Residence Luxury Apartments For Rent" Academia Residence You Residence Apartmans For Rent And Serving As A Residence Apartments For Rent To Students For Your Ease Every Comfort is considered to the finest detail.Residence Apartmans For Rent Istanbul Kağıthane Center Close location And A rich place in terms of various means of transportation. Located right next door, the Kağıthane central bus station provides constant access to all parts of Istanbul.Rental apartments in Kağıthane Sun From Every Point.You spend your day in your apartment in peace The building and its surroundings are protected by 24/7 security cameras and security personnel.Rental residence pricesIt is very convenient according to the comfort and convenience and offers the best service to you.
Common Use Areas Parking Garage, Fitness-Gym, Sauna, Terrace, Green area, Fully Furnished Rooms, Large Balcony, Suitcase Room, Storage facility, 24 Hours Security, 24 Hours Reception, Free Internet, Electricity, Water, Warming, Cleaning Service And The advantages of luxuriously furnished rooms await you.

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